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Stereo Steve

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OK, so the xbox is going into the office which leaves me with the PS2 in the living room. It'll mainly be used for Tomb Raider (my wife) and entertaining games when my mates come over.

So, I need games of the following type that are very easy to get into and maybe cheap to buy.

Kung Fu / beat 'em up
Motor racing (I have GT3, but whats burnout like?)
Moto Cross
Any others that are good for drunken fun (with descriptions please). Remember they must be pick up and play.

Oh yeah, and what is F1 2003 like? I had one of the F1 series (maybe 98) on the Ps1 and it was worse than dire. I'm looking for realism over arcade.

Thanks in advance.


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soul calibur 2 is cheap now and is good to just pick up and have a laugh with.

Obvious one is eyetoy really for drunken fun!

If you have the machine chipped then the Ages games are good (remakes of outrun, afterburner, golden axe, space harrier etc) but only available from Japan.

Burnout 2 is a good laugh, especially the crash mode where you try to cause as much damage as possible.


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There are loads of excellent games for the PS2, it just depends upon your tastes.

I'm not so sure about "drunken" games - some 4-player TimeSplitters 2 is a good laugh.

Unfortunately the games i like are more thinking sorts, and often imported:
Prince of Persia is an excellent puzzle/platformer.
Armored Core: Nexus is truely the best mecha game on any platform, with full Gran Turismo custonisation options.
Bujingai is like a Hong Kong fantasy action movie where you control the character.
SOCOM 2 for online tactical shooters.

I would avoid the F1 games however, Burnout is probably your best bet for a fun racer.


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For a beat em up you won't find a better game than Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution.

It's not something you can just pick up and play, you'll need to put in some practice to learn moves and skills (counters, rollovers, reversals, counter throws, frame cancels and so on...) But it is the probably the most rewarding game I've ever seen once you start understanding how your character's moves fit together

But if that's not what you're looking for then something quick and simple then pick something like Dead Or Alive 2.

Burnout 2 is a great game :) Ridge Racer 5 is a very good arcade racer too


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yeah it's a difficult one as the pick up and play games are rarely the 'best' games as they lack depth.

PES3 is my fave console game ATM but while you can just pick it up you need to put some time into it to get the reward. A novice will always be destroyed 10-0 + by a reasonable player with some experience, so you do need players of similar levels. FIFA (whilst being a poor game compared to PES) has always had a higher pick up and play ability...due to it's simplicity.

I also agree that VF4 evo is an awesome (infact the best) beat em up ever is also very indepth and if you play it as a button basher it's dull. Like RL123 says, you need to master a character and learn all the moves to really get any benefit from this game.

Need For Speed Underground is a decent arcade racer and the SSX games are a good laugh with 2 players.


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Yeah, Evo is a game where you pick one character, learn him/her and don't even think about playing as the others.

It isn't like most fighters where you have 2-3 different styles and then 5 different looking variations on each. In Evo, you have each character being totally unique.

I started as Wolf, got really good with him but thought I couldn't continue improving with him so now I play as Kage, who is a far better choice based on the way I like to play (lots of blocking and quick, powerful attacks) Wolf's style was very slow, with lots of power attacks and some vicious throws.

Pro Evo (or Winning Eleven) is easy to pick up and play but has lots of depth. IMO Pro Evo 3 was a disappointment, so I'd suggest Pro Evo 2 which I think is the best in the series (apart from GC Winning Eleven 6: Final Evolution)


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Burnout 2 is a great game, especially the Crash zones, which is always good for post-pub foolery. And as stated above Soul Calibur is good as well, can be picked up for £15 in most shops now, and can be played with pure button bashing if required

Stereo Steve

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Button bashing is what I'm after I'm afraid. DOA3 on xbox is the current fave but the xbox is moving to my office.

Burnout 2 sounds good 2. I'm also looking at MX superfly as motox games are usually fun.

Any opinions on Formula 1 2003, as a serious game for me to while away the hours on?


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I know it might be going back to a psone game but the ultimate button basher/post pub game for me and my mates has still gotta be Bishi Bashi Special, I've seen it going so cheap these days aswell, if you haven't got it, forget about the fact it's not ps2, just buy it, you'd be mad not too

ATTENTION! :laugh: :clap: :laugh:


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If you love DOA3 then DOA 2 : Hardcore on PS2 and Soul Calibur 2 should be right up your street. Both are fine for button mashers but can open up as your skills progess. You should be able to pick up both quite cheap - especially if you go for a second-hand option.


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Can't say i'm keen on Tekken - not a huge beat em up fan anyway but if i was to play one on the PS2 it would be VF4 evo or Soul calibur 2.


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Originally posted by Solar
i cant believe none of you said tekken :eek:

Because Tekken sucks:p

It's good for a quick bash but, IMO, doesn't have very much depth. It could be just what Steve's looking for though?

If you do buy it, get Tekken Tag instead of Tekken 4. Tekken 4 was pants:thumbsdow


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ooohh being a tekken fanatic i cant agree with you on that one
i trained alongside the 4th best player in europe for about a year, was also invited to go to italy and compete in a competition :D
it has a lot more than a little button bashing if you are willing to put in the time.
But at the end of the day its down to personal taste

you are right about T4 though, it was horse sh*t compared to TTT :smashin:

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