Best game music ever?


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What's your top favorite game music ever???

1. Commando (C64) YEAH BABY! :clap:
2. Rainbow 6 (PC)
3. humm.. I have to think...


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Streets of Rage
Super Mario 64
Alien Trilogy
WipeOut 2097
Tekken 2


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Tetris (C64)
R-Type (C64)
Layer Section/Galactic Attack (Saturn)
Kurushi (PS)
Thunderforce IV (MD)
Rez (DC)

I still feel that sound is sorely underutilised in games even in this era of consoles that can pump out real time Dolby Digital.


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The original Spyhunter :)
Wipeout 2097
Final Fantasy games (any really, nearly all make me hum)
Xenon II
Zelda (my mobile phone ringtone... hehe i am so sad :p )
Super Mario World
Streetfighter II (esp Ryu stage!)


For proper music, it has to be Jet Set Radio Future. :smashin:

As for regular old "videogame music", here's a few greats:

Punch-out (Arcade and NES)
Legend of Zelda (NES)
Zelda II (NES) (this music is awfully hard to get out of your head; be warned!)
Moon Patrol (Arcade)
Mega Man (most of the series had great music)
Contra (NES)

Also, if you haven't heard of them, the Minibosses do some great updated NES music. (this is a must-hear band for retro gamers)


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haha, Tetris!

Ed Selley

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Originally posted by Sinzer
Xenon II

So good, I own Bomb The Bass' "Into the Dragon" just so I have it on CD. It went on to my XBox instantly and remains my "have to win it this time" CG music.


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Lemmings! :laugh:

There was an early scrolling shooter on the Amiga & ST that I unfortunately cannot remember the name of :(

More recently, I would suggest the Project Gotham Racing and Gran Turismo series. And surely you couldn't leave out the Grand Theft Auto games? [edit: okay, it's not original, but it's still good music in a game!]

Also, it wasn't a game, but if anyone remembers SAE's Amazing Tunes 2 demo on the Amiga? Smashin' :smashin:


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Street fighter 2 - guile stage
super street fighter 2 - T-hawk stage

Dave H

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outrun and anything by Rob Hubbarb on the C64.


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Oh, I've just remembered... that little game/level opening tune in Galaxians. Short, but very memorable.

Off Topic -- Talking of 'short', didn't the bloke who composed the original Channel 4 theme tune end up earning loads from the royalties every time it was played, god knows how many times over the years. And it was only FOUR notes! :rotfl:


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Outrun & AfterburnerII arcade.

There's nothing quite like level 8 (I think) and maybe 18 of AfterburnerII when red out kicks in with the wave of planes rising up the screen in the background!! A truely inspirational piece of music.

I would also agree with Xenon 2 on the amiga - superb!

There's a funky Japanese tune I love on Bust a Move 4 on the DC as well. Rez also has great music.

If I had to pick a fave - definately Red out in AfterburnerII


> Mega Man (most of the series had great music)
Couldn't have said it better myself. I have 34 Mega Man ReMixes on my computer that are typically from dated games with the more memorable tunes.

> Streetfighter II (esp Ryu stage!)
Agreed there too. I have a pretty good Ryu remix that has an intstrumental sound too it(piano mixed into the bumpy drum beat).

Check out Overclocked Remix if you haven't.


Megadrive (or arcade) Golden Axe gets me fired up!!

But Daaytoooonnaaaa!!!! wins hands down!!!:clap: :smashin:


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ooo last stage on Parapa the Rapper : PS1, was pretty cool for a while


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big fan of revenge of shinobi music, streets of rege was good for its time aswell not sor3 though awfull!:suicide:


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Agreed on SF2 Ryu + Guile. I actually once had a CD of the complete SF2 Arcade soundtracks properly done. It was a freebie with Nintendo Magazine System in about 1992/93. Don't know what happened to it though.

Xenon II was class.

Chrono Trigger for the SNES was very good (especially the "medieval" era map screen theme).

The music for the second world in Legend of the Mystical Ninja used to get stuck in my head, and wouldn't leave for weeks!!

I also remember the music for the hang-glider sections of SNES Pilotwings being absolutely bang-on for the mood of it - really airy and relaxed. Aaah, happy memories. I feel a Snes9x session coming on!!!


1 Secret of Mana - Snes
2 Monty on the Run - C64
3=Dynamite Dan/Manic Miner - Spectrum

All simply stunning and the last two are remarkable for the limited space available in the 8bit era.
Secret of Mana is simply superb in every way, anyone who hasn't heard the music in these games get an emulator and stick them on. Or better still go out and buy them, nothing in this or last generation comes close in musical terms IMHO :thumbsup:


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'Nodes Of Yesod' and 'Shadowfire' by naughty Fred Gray selling the same tune to two companies at once. :laugh:



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Thunder Force 4 on the Mega Drive wins, hands down. I have a lot of those tunes in my playlist (favourite = the bio level, level 8 I think).

Total Annihilation's music is great as well - nice Wagner-ish tunes to complement the epic battles you can set up.

I also like the music for Kraid's lair on the original NES metroid - great creepy feeling that still sounds good as MIDI square waves.

TF4 and Metroid sound good as MIDI files (since they're so old...) - I have a few and they are comparable to the direct game rips played through Winamp.

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