Best Freview/Encoder Card?


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Basically i have two choices:

1. A freeview tv card & encoder on one card
2. use a freeview box hooked up to a dedicated encoder card

two questions really:
1. which setup is best?
2. within each setup, whats the best hardware?

The Hauppauge cards seem to be quite popular, but there loads of them :) what should I look for in a card (spec-wise) and whats best really?



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A freeview card should provide the best results as its digital all the way. Using an external freeview box means your receiving a digital signal, outputing an analog signal, capturing that and encoding to digital.

I use 2 Cinergy 2400i dual cards, very happy with them myself but apparently lots of people have had trouble using them with MCE. Theres a long thread on the subject on the forums somewhere.
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