Best free firewall other than Zonealarm


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I wonder if the more technical here have any views on the Free Sygate firewall as I was thinking of uninstalling zonealarm as it would appear everyone uses it and I wonder how good it really is these days. I've had my issues with it in the past but it is easy to use iand am concerned other may not. I'm using 98se by the way.

I'm using free anti virus and have been impressed so far so thought everyone might want to have a look if they after a free program.


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Thanks for the quick reply. Could you elaborate on why you reckon they are better and which is the easiest to configure for a novice.


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theyre both easy, best to try them out both yourself.

kerio has advantages over sygate in some ways though like web blocking (block bad cookies n scripts etc)

but i currently use sygate as it works best with bittorrent (which i do) so thats why i choose sygate.


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Slight problem with Sygate download. The site directs to a mirror site full of popups which is tollerable. I picked the Lancaster and London sites and once file downloaded using Firefox download it asks if I want to open a EXE file from Is this the same Demon ISP in which case it should be okay but I just wanna be sure this is the norm.

I tried the Kerio download but before installing it said not compatable with 98 :(

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