Question Best for voice - CantonDM50-75, Sony HT X3 or Cambridge TV5?


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So, have read and read different reviews on soundbases and it looks like all the above are pretty good, though Canton seem to be mentioned more often than others on the forum. I understand that pretty much regardless which one of the above I will buy I will get to notice the difference quite easily.

However, reading the forum I realised that actually I can easily make a big mistake - I am not native English speaker and one of the most important things for me is for the soundbase to have a good reproduction of the voice, so that it does not get lost among all other sounds. TV is mainly used to watch movies and TV programmes.

Anyone with any experience which one of the above soundbases I should avoid when it comes to the voice reproduction? Or perhaps you know one of the above to be better than some other. My budget is really around £300 but could stretch a bit more if that would make a difference.

Any comments much appreciated. Thanks.


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Honestly speaking all 3 are highly praised, I have the DM50 myself and it produces clear audio especially with voices I heard similar about the TV5 and the HT X3 so whichever one you go for I think you'll be happy, there's a HT X3 thread on here which you may want to go on ask some of the owners some more questions same with the DM50.


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Thanks Aryn86. I did read quite a lot of both posts (one of the reasons why sony HT Xt3 got on my list) and it seems that all of them have many happy owners. Will ask there for specifics.

I have just noticed that DM50 has been reduced at RicherSounds to £199. I do wonder if paying nearly £100 more for the Sony or the other ones will be worth it really.

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