Best for Movies and Music - Pioneer or Yamaha?


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This is my first post after spending 3 weeks reading hundreds of posts on this forum to help me to choose the right AV Amp - unfortunately I am now actually more uncertain as to what amp to buy, and I am hoping for some advice to help me to decide once and for all.

Basically I have a room size 13 ft x 12 ft, and 3 weeks ago I purchased a set of Mordaunt Short Genies in Richer Sounds, and after having decided on a Yamaha 750 after reading numerous glowing reviews in magazines, they advised me not to buy it, and pointed me in the direction of a Pioneer 1014. The said that it was a better amp for music and also pointed to the THX certification of the Pioneer as being a big advantage. They also said that I should really be spending at least £500 to do justice to the Genies, and that was another reason for the Pioneer.

I then discovered this fantastic forum, and have been amazed at how helpful most people seem to be in giving well informed opinions - some members in particular seem to have a huge depth of knowledge. From what I have read on these forums, I get the the impression that Richer Sounds are talking absolute nonsense by rubbishing the Yamaha for music, and recommending the Pioneer - in fact a number of people have commented on Pioneers being good for Movies, but no so great on Music. I was then in Richer Sounds last night, and I listened while an assistant spoke to another customer, and he did everything he could to steer the guy away from Yamahas, and again recommended Pioneer!

I have also read with interest the threads about buying in Germany, and would not be against buying there if one of the Yamaha amps is the one I decide on. From reading the these forums, I actually am now overlooking the Yamaha 750 and the Yamaha 1500 or 2500 are now the ones I am leaning towards - or is the 750 good enough, or should I actually go for Pioneer or even some other brand? By the way the split would probably be 50% Movies, 50% Music.

I know that this post is a bit long, but i really need some advice to steer me in the right direction as I have bought everything else and just need to decide on my amp. ( This is my first system, and the other components I have bought are Genies, Toshiba 36ZP46, and Pioneer 575A DVD Player)

I am really looking forward to getting my system going, but until I get the right amp, I cannot move on so any help would be much appreciated.




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Well, the Pioneer is obviously in a different category than the Yamaha 750, in price, performance and features (the Yamaha equivalents would be the 1500 or 2500). So it's not really a fair comparison.

But anyway, I honestly think the 1014 is overkill for the Genies. See this thread:

The Yamaha 750 is specifically mentioned to be 'endorsed' by MS for a match with the Genies. Not only that, but another bloke says, 'I've just bought the Yamaha AX750SE and paired it with the Genies, they sound excellent.'

Many people on this forum have bought the Yamaha RXV-750 from Germany and saved some dosh.

Personally, I'm the new owner of a Yamaha 2500, with which I'm driving a set of JM Lab speakers.


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Beware of richer sounds unless you know what you want to buy. I think they tell their sales men what to sell i.e. what has highest margin/ most stock and as such it probably best not to ask them for advise, esp as they don't have demop rooms to back up what they say. Otherwise the stuff is well cheap and as good as internet + you can walk away with the stuff strait away.

With that out of the way, I have 2500 and it is impressive, a step up from the 620 i used to have. What i've heard about the 750 is that it is good and the best in the price range and a real bargin if you get it from germany, for music its good too.

The THX thing is a bid of a badge on the lower i.e. non flagship recievers, that what most people will tell you anyway.

For music the yammy will probably be better as you get pure direct mode, which although it's 2.0 stero is very good.


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I have followed your advice and purchased a Yamaha 750, which was my initial favourite anyway. However, I still purchased it in Richer Sounds, as we do not have many good Home Cinema Retailers in Belfast, and their prices are hard to beat as well- I got it for £349 which sounds like a bargain. All I need now are some cables to connect it all up, but again I did not know whether to believe the cables they were recommending were the ones to go for. Anyone have any recomendations for Subwoofer and speaker cables?


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