Best for me - AV9/P7 or AVR350 ?


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I have an AVR300,DIVA 137 ( will upgrade to the new FMJ ),pair of Monitor Audio GR10s,Monitor Audio GR Centre,2 pairs of M&K K-4s and a Rel Strata 5 subwoofer.

I would really like an amp with HDMI switching.I was wondering if my speakers would do an AV9/P7 combo justice or would they be better suited to the AVR350?

Also i can't find any reviews of the AV9 anywhere.If anyone can point me in the right direction then please do so.


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The AV9 is basically an AV8 with HDMI switching an a few other tweaks.

To be honest, your original question depends on your budget.


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The AV9/P7 duo play in a different league - they are superior to the AVR350 in most aspects, but they also cost 3-4 times as much as the AVR350.
This duo is said to be one of the best on the planet, all price ranges. I don't like such statements, but certainly they are good.

It might be more relevant to ask whether the AVP700/P1000 is a better choice than the AVR350 (provided you have the money - or, that you buy e.g. an ex demo duo). I haven't compared them carefully, basically because I never had a chance to do that, but someone else could perhaps comment on that.
Feature wise they are pretty much the same. The P1000 is more powerful, but when it comes to sound quality for music and movies at normal levels, I really don't know.

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