Best Ebay auction ever?


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I remember reading about on the tech blogs a week ago, certainly an impressive collection.


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my brother had a pcengine back in the day, all the games were in japanese.

he's had ever games console ever built.... and will probably have the latest next gen systems when they are released.

always one of the first to have the first batch of any new console. he won't admit it, but i was the fifa king back in the day,99-02. i can't play it to save my life now though!


woah how much you think the guy spent first of all on the games expensive habit :O

Greg Hook

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Paypal charges for the sale: €40,000 :0


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Paypal charges for the sale: €40,000 :0
Seeing as the seller is a registered business seller, I also assume 19.6% of that price covered French VAT :eek: Bet the taxman is happy! :eek:


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Amazing collection, any gamers wet dream :love:

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