Best DVDrom drive..


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Hi all,

My DVD rom drive is on it's last legs and as I use this for my HTPC I feel I need a new one!
What's the best drive I can buy?
Are all DVD rom drives a much of a muchness?
I'll be using TheaterTek & DVDregionFree software, do I need to take this into consideration?



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most new drives are quite similar but it depends for what you will be using the drive!!!
The liteon 166s is well known for being a good all rounder, for rip speed and copy protection bypass (so you can back up ya cds to mp3) etc there are a few others that come recommended but the liteon is a good and cheap choice!!


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I've recently installed a Pioneer slot-drive DVD-ROM. From memory, model number is something like 120S. Feels solid and well made, very quiet. Like all DVD-ROM drives, will need to be flashed with a multi-region BIOS before your Windows region-free software will work. A region-free BIOS is easily obtained for this model.

I wasn't too sure about the slot-drive aspect at first but now I've got familiar with it I just slap those disks in there without a second thought.

I bought mine for £30 including VAT and delivery.


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