Best DVD to demo/test a subwoofer


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Titan-AE, flowing through those ice fields.:D


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DTS version of The Haunting - awesome LFE
Paul ;)

Mike Swannick

The scene in AOTC where Anikin, C3PO and Amidala are going through the metal works on the conveyor belt.

U571 depth charge scene also good, but found that the fixed cutoff frequency of my dads DAV800 system was below the frequncy of the 'boom' on screen and so it sounded a bit 'thin'. I'm sure it will sound good on any system where the sub has variable cutoff.


The Pod race in TPM. When the Pods fire up their engines.


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i would say u571 as well, blade2 is fantastic also, the bit where they are about to enter the club and the lfe channel goes ballistic:eek:


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U-571, The Matrix (that green WB sweep at the beginning is cool for starters! There's the bit where Neo causes space and time to bend as well, hehe...) and Ice Age; not many, but there are a few very cool sub moments in that. :)

I have heard Titan AE is good in this respect also. My next "purchase" I think... :D


Mr Merrick

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Saving Private Ryan (R1 - DTS)...When the tanks approach in the final battle and the ground starts to move.


LOTR:FOTR will not just test the power of your sub but how well it is integrated into your system - mine sounded great with other movies but needed a little extra tweaking to work well with this disc.


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i don't have a sub but i can imagine that fifth element: superbit has a lot of L.F.E. to give yor sub a good workout


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This may be a stupid question but:
Can I actually damage my subwoofer by having too much bass in the soundtrack?? or is there usually a fuse built in?

BTW Armageddon is great for bass.

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