Best DVD Software .......... ??




With disk space as cheap as it is, I've just treated myself to just over a terrabyte.

I want to rip my dvd's onto the hardrives for use with mc extenders etc.

Have no interest in compressing (divx/xvid), I simply want to rip the movie onto the harddisks so I can stream.

I used to use dvdshrink (uncompressed) but lately it seems to moan about certain disks.

Not massively bothered how much it costs but was hoping someone could give me an idea of a nice easy peice of software that will do it !!

By the way, I'm not interested in extras, I just want to be able to rip the movie !!!

Stace :)


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RipIT4Me acts as a plugin IIRC for DVDshrink for the newer disks (i think these have ASOS additional encryption).


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Either DVD Decrypter or DVD Fabdecrypter for the newer ones with problems.

Both simple, free and let you just rip the film without extras.

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