best dvd site , here


Squirrel God

I always get mine in 2 days (with maybe one or two exceptions).

I rarely use them for R1 though - they're far too expensive!!

Redfox, you might want to do a search. I could be wrong, but I'd hazard a guess that 99% of members know about Play already ;)

Squirrel God

Originally posted by NeilH
Squirrel - who do you use for R1 DVD's? (usually arrives in 2-3 days) (usually arrives in 4-5 days)

Both are often a good few quid cheaper than Play, even including the cost of p&p at ABSound (cd-wow is free p&p). They also both use much better packaging so the disks have a better chance of arriving damage-free, in my experience.

There are other places to buy R1 DVDs that are also cheap, but I personally don't use them.


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cheers, have used CD-WOW in the past for CD's but not for DVD's. Looks like they have acquired DVDboxoffice.

Their prices are generally cheaper than Play's but not always. Blade 2 for example is cheaper on Play.



Originally posted by Squirrel God
I always get mine in 2 days (with maybe one or two exceptions).

I guess you live next door to them as well SG.
I have never had a supposedly in stock item delivered within 4 days ever, ordered Austin Powers Man of mystery last Monday and I'm still waiting :(
Bloody Post Office

Squirrel God

Zone, I meant 2 days from the date of despatch, not the date of placing order. :) They usually despatch mine in 24 hours though so I guess that would make it 3 days. But pre-orders never seem to despatch on the day they say they will :(

I guess Jersey to London is better than Jersey to Barnsley...

rob j

Active Member is one site with dire service that I hate to use unless I have to!

I have never got a DVD that was in stock within 8 days from ordering! They ain't the cheapest either.

However CD WOW is my friend, speedy service and usually the cheapest prices, although they may not have as many of the titles that Play offers.

It never ceases to amaze me that something can be delivered quicker from Hong Kong than it can be from Jersey!


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Play are great for Region 2 DVD's on sale. :) It's a shame I don't buy Region 2 DVD's. :(

OK for the occasional CD.


Phew, at least nobody's brought up dvdsoon (oops, I just did). Cheap but absolutely rubbish in every other department.


I usually get my discs from Play within 3 days.
I've been waiting 2 weeks for my first order from movietyme.

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