Best DVD-RAM compatible PC burner?


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Jul 13, 2000
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As header - looking for a reasonably priced PC DVD burner but must be RAM compatible.
Originally posted by witters
As header - looking for a reasonably priced PC DVD burner but must be RAM compatible.

LG 4081b for £92.01 or
LG 4040b for £75.50

Both from ebuyer.
the new Pioneer 107 reads RAM and writes to +/-

I use it to copy RAM discs to my HDD then burn back with menus to a DVD-R. All with TMPGEnc DVD-Author.

Nice :D
If you go for the LG the 4040 is brilliant. My sons had one for a while - bought it from ebuyer but bought the oem version.

Apart from that it's highly reccomended. He had some problems getting it to write at 4 speed with some types of media but if you stick to decent quality no probs. We use -R's with a Ritek dye at about 80 pence each. They write at 4 speed and so far have had no compatability problems with DVD's on Panny DMR e 30, Panny S35, PS2 and X Box. He's also backed up all his X Box games successfully and X Box DVD Roms are well known for their compatability issues.

Ebuyer are selling them at £75-50 at this very moment -BARGAIN
I bought one of these LG 4040 drives last week and now
have it up and running. What I would like to do is download the
video file from a dvd ram (I have an e60), edit it, and burn it to dvd.
Does anyone have any experience with good editors?

Basically, I'm hoping to archive 24 when it starts this week and
would like to be able to gradually put together a disk with 2 or 3
eps on it.
Read the Sticky about DVD-RAM to DVD-R at the top of the page. It let's you know how to do this.

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