Best DVD R/W ?


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I'm looking for a very high quality DVD R/W for my HCPC. Money no object and any colour so long as it's black, does anyone have any recommendations ?

cheers in advance



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Not sure about the black thing (you could paint it) but my NEC 1300A is dual format, got auto region reset firmware but is only 4 speed but does me fine !


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You can get the Plextor 708A in black, 4X on -R and does 8X on selected 4X +R media also. Dedicated 8X media is also coming onto the market now.

Course whatever you buy will be eclipsed by the following week's release, so just take the plunge...!



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Like Pinkprobegt I don't know about the black colour, but I have a Pioneer 106, which are a great price now and get an excellent customer rating. Take a look on Ebuyer at the customer reviews of various DVD RWs.

That's what helped me make my choice. Have a read through the reviews.


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