Best DVD player for VW11HT?


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Sorry if this has been discussed before.
I'm looking to buy a new DVD player with Component Video.

At present I'm using a Panasonic A360 with SVHS. The picture is great, but I can't help thinking that I'm missing out on a better picture buy not utililising Component Video.

I can't remember the model number, but I've heard good reports about a Sony @ £500 with Component out.

Any suggestions or advice?


The Spaniard

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Hi Mate,

I use a pioneer 737 with component out with my vw11 and am very pleased with the results. The only downside is that it wont play all disc formats. it is multi region - I mean videocd, mp3 etc. Have you considered the Pioneer that won this years hi- fi awards - the 646 I think - this is apparently all singing and dancing and you can get them for well under £400. I paid £600 for the 737 a couple of years ago. Loads better than 's' video though because i use this for sky, ps2, video, etc.



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Hola mon amigo!
I've been digging around a bit and found that the 646A (although a great player) does not have component outputs.
The two players that are jumping out at me are the DV737 and the DV747.
I'm pleased to hear you like your 737 although it dosen't play vcd's etc. This does not worry me as my A360 will not play them either (even though it says it does!).
The 737 retails for £700 and the 747 retails for £900 with the only apparent difference being the later playing SACD.
Also both output progressive scan and as I have a VW11HT, it would seem to make sence to purchase the pioneer DVD player.
Heres what HCC said about the 737:

And so we get to the progressive scan abilities - and therefore to the fact that hardly anyone will be able to use them since only a handful of high-end projectors (including Sony's L5,850 VLP-VW10HT LCD projector) can receive progressive scan component input. But, if you're lucky enough to own a compatible system, you can rest assured that the picture benefit you'll gain in terms of image stability and reduced visible line structure will be considerable.

Anyone seen any of these players at a reasonably discounted price or has anyone else got a say on the subject?

Cheers Spaniard.


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I'd seriously consider one of the Arcam players to give you progressive component output - it really does make a big difference on the big screen. I've got the Arcam DV27 which was quite expensive, but then, so was the Sony, so it made sense to give it the best source available. There are several players which claim to do both PAL and NTSC progressive out there but take a look through these forums for reliability and lip-sync problems.

Although the VW11 de-interlaces NTSC sources, PAL pictures are still prone to jaggies, something you don't get (so badly) with progressive. If you have Star Trek Insurrection, watch the opening scene where the camera pans over the village and you'll see loads of jagged lines on buildings etc.

It does suffer slightly with the chroma upsampling bug which can give you a "halo" effect on some bold colours though.... Maybe the DV88+ is better (as long as you don't want DTS !! ;) )


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Thanks Nigel.
I don't think I could afford the Arcam. Thats why I was looking at the Pioneer and the Sony. More of an acceptable compromise I suppose (and an avid lover of DTS!).

Tell me more about the philips Darren as I was under the impression (perhaps wrongly) that Philips were not really in the running as far as high end DVD players went?

Buget BTW is about £650.


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You might want to take a look on the DVD player forum as there's currently a discussion on the merits of the DV27.

I bought mine using a 9 month interest free credit from my local dealer.


I bought a new multi region Pioneer 737 from Krish 2 months ago for only £349.........brilliant buy if you don`t need to play multi format audio cd`s


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Just seen the Pioneer 747 for £499 brand new - and multiregion!
Think Christmas may just come early...


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