Best DVD player for the Sony HS20


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At the moment I'm using a Tosh SD330 through S-video and the picture is very good.. if a little soft.

I won't upgrade unless I see a significant increase in PQ.

I've been sniffing around these but haven't demoed yet:

Pio 668 (HDMI)
Pio 868 (HDMI)
Denon 2200 (component)
Denon 2900 (component)
Arcam DV78 (component)

I'm sure Tosh must do something special ... not sure what tho.
Also Sony/Panasonic etc...

Just looking to come up with a 'must see' list before I start the demo run.

What I'd really like is something that would allow up to upscale to the PJ's native resolution (progressive or interlaced)... but that beast doesn't exist yet ... unless I spend muchos cash on a Lumagen external scaler.

The 868 is the closest to offering that, but it's 'selectable' resolutions do not include the HS20's wierd resolution - so scaling will occur.

What about the up-and-coming HDMI players .... does anyone know if they will offer more flexibility on resolutions and related options?




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I would recommend the Arcam DV78 if you are looking for the best picture quality without worrying about upscaling.


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Hi Gordon.

I wasn't aware of that.

Could you PM me with a phone number so we can chat about that option?



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