Best DVD player for around £200?


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I've had enough of my lafayette el-cheapo dvd player because the image quality is a bit poor, it's not centred on my tv, the subtitles are buggy and the ntsc colours are awful. I suppose that's what you get for spending £40 on a dvd player.

I want to buy a new player for around the £200 mark, and would be glad of some suggestions because i'm a bit out of touch with what's good and what's not at the moment. If it's a bit more than £200 then i'm still interested :)

Basically, i don't care if it can play divx, svcd, mp3, sacd etc, i just want it to play DVD's and play them as well as they can be played. The image quality needs to be outstanding, the access times for menu's, chapter skips etc fast, and the layer change seamless. It also needs to support DTS and DD5.1. If it's possible for it to play NTSC dvd's without stuttering on panning shots that would be great too.

I need RGB Scart output, and component too, even though my tv doesn't support component, the next one i get will. If there's a possibility of VGA-out on a dvd player i'd be very interested as my current TV supports VGA up to 1366x768. Also i would need coaxial spdif output for the sound.

Also, multiregion capabilities (including RCE) are a must, either out of the box or via a hack.

Any suggestions guys?

Thanks in advance

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