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Dec 15, 2002
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Durham UK
I'm after a new dvd player, but I want it to play DVD-Audio AND DivX, most just seem to do one or the other. Looking to spend as little as possible as long as the performance isn't too bad, and I've found the Sigmatek XM-400 pro on PixMania for £65 (here).

This plays DVD-Audio, DivX, multi region and seems to do everything, but the only review I've found is a Sigmatek fan website, unsurprisingly saying it was great. Has anyone got this player or heard anything good/bad about it?

Alternatives are the Pioneer DV-585 or the Samsung HD-950, but they're both around the £110 mark, £45 more. Is it worth paying more for these, (especially the samsung) bearing in mind progressive scan and the hdmi port won't be put to use until the price of HD-compatible LCD TV's drop in price, probably in about a year's time, by which time I'll need a HD DVD player to play whatever HD format we'll be watching then.

Any recommendations, or any other products I should consider?
Pioneer 575 if you can find one
bigNeil said:
and it's a solid machine

I'd describe the 575 as many things (positive!) but solid isn't one of 'em...PJ :D

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