Best distance from PJ to screen?


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Can anyone advise the best distance to setup a TW100?

2.9-3.9 metres is the recomended range but it seems to me that a PJ lens may work in a similar way to a camera i.e more light is available when zoom is not utilised. This would indicate that max distance is best but...........

I would appreciate some advice from somone more experienced than myself.


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no surely min distance is best because the light won't have to travel has far so should be brighter.


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That's one all so far ;)

Perhaps this question is tougher than I first thought!

Anyone else care to add their 10 cents?


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I think middway it's going to be. Hopefully it will give me some flexibility if and when I upgrade the PJ:)


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The room I have got designated for my cinema is only 11ft long. I need t fill a 8ft screen which means zooming in ever so slightly on my AE100.
How much quality will I loose???


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