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If you have an HDMI compatible DVD player and Display device (Plasma or LCD), would the best connection be to use this option.

If it is recognised as the best option, as being touted just now by commentators, is there any requirement to buy a component cables ?



If you have the connector, best advice is to use it. The mid-range devices with it on are most likely complromised on the analogue quality, they will have saved money on that bit, partly to make the digital look good, the cynic in me thinks. IMHO, currently you will get a better picture with a decent analogue player for the same money, but this will change as the technology matures, and when Pioneer get the HDMI input to match their screen properly. The problem for plasmas and HDMI seems that the HDMI spec does not support the resolution of any currently manufactured panel. Communication difficulties between PC and AV worlds, no doubt.


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Being a spin-off from DVI, HDMI interface is actually to save money!

I haven't seen side by side comparisons, so I hesitate at offering further advise. However, pixel for pixel transition from DVD to screen doesn't always tie up as you often adjust the screen size to suit. Therefore, your 1 for 1 matching goes to 1 to 0.98. Don't be too focused on this, probably best to focus on general display quality.

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Dr John Sim.


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Thanks John,

The reason for my question points to future proofing an install. I am in the process of building a house and need cables run through a wall.

Your right the display properties are the important bit, but I will have an HDMI/DVI and Component cable for al leventualities.

Will also be getting an RGB2VGA converter too ;)

Many thanks
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