Best Digital Photo Frame for 7" x 5"

Mr Nook

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Hi all

I was thinking of getting a digital photo frame probably 7" x 5" display but know they vary quite considerably in picture quality. Can anyone suggest some good ones.

Many thanks :thumbsup:

Mr Nook

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I was thinking about the DPFD70 but have been advised to go for the D80 which is slightly bigger but still 4:3

Here is a link from my local Sony Centre - - Sony & Bose Specialist


Decided on the D80 as a christmas present for the wife.

However, I can't find the chocolate coloured version of the D80 anywhere. Easy to find in black or the D70 in chocolate but just can't seem to find a choclate D80. I know they exist because they're listed on Sony's website.

Can anyone point me to somewhere with a good range of frames.



PS If the worst comes to the worst I can alway buy direct from Sony (£!*:()


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I bought the D80, in black, and have been impressed with the image quality. I bought a couple of cheaper frames, from Ebuyer, to give to relatives as xmas presents and the Sony knocks spots of them, and so it should for the extra ££££'s but well worth it in my book.

I will enquire at my local Sony emporium about the brown one for you to see if they can shed any light on it's apparent unavailability.

Mr Nook

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I will enquire at my local Sony emporium about the brown one for you to see if they can shed any light on it's apparent unavailability.

Thanks for that :smashin:


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Ive got a Sony DPFD70 and been very pleased with it.

I have looked at these in M&S today at £80 which looks a good price and it seemed to have a very good picture.

Can you tell me what they do with a series of photos with mixed sizes i.e some 3:2 and some 4:3 - do they fi to the screen as good as possible or do they crop them to fit.

I've looked at some 4:3 frames as well but am not sure what they would do with the 3;2 photos.


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I first bought a Kodak thinking that they might be quite good, but it was rubbish. It had really low resolution and contrast. Then I went for a Toshiba, it was a very price and really is pretty good. I would say that the Sony is quite a bit better, but then like everything in life. . . . you pays your money and makes your choices. :lesson:



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Looking at the feedback onamazon, it appears that the Sony photo frames are the best (if a little expensive). The complete Sony range is here.

In the end I went for the DPFV900B 9" Black Digital (actually it is a gift from my kids) as it appears to be very highly rated.

There are two groups of screens V700, V900 and D70, D80 and D100. The V series are more expensive than the D series.


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I also have the DPFV900 and I'm very pleased with it. In fact I've just bought another one as a Christmas present.

It will happily display my RAW files straight from the camera (canon 450d) which I wasn't expecting.

The Sony logo on the front of the frame can be turned off (would've bugged me :))

Overall, like most things you get what you pay for and the Sony is a decent piece of kit.

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