best digital camera for under £250

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hi guys at the mo i have a sony cyber-shot 3m pixel digital camera-now its been ok but the wifes looking to upgrade to a more powerful proberly 6m pixel
camera for when we go to disneyland in oct---anyone recommend the best
picture quality digital camera for the above price--it does not have to have like recording sound movie play back just good pictures---she also likes her
pitures in 7 by 5 inces-would we see any difference from going to 3m to 6m

any help would be appreciated:smashin:


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I can recommend the Canon Powershot S3 IS, its a great camera, just about pocket sized but will give better shots than any "mini" compact, its got a 12x zoom, a flip-out preview screen so you can get great shots of kids, pets, etc from ground level, or shoot holding the camera high. Also has a live histogram preview, and excellent movie quality, though I know you dont see it as being important.

What is important is that it has image stabilisation built into the lens.

It takes SD cards just so you know.

I have a canon 20D and a few good lenses, and while the powershot is not quite as good (obviously), it still gives great quality and is very good fun due to the flip-out screen - eg you can take very good street photos with complete silence at 400mm zoom with the camera held at waist level, and no one knows you are doing it.

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