Best Digibox for Sky?

steve 111

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My Sky Digibox (Amstrad DRX200) in my spare room has just died. I already have Sky+ downstairs so just want a good quality standard digibox. Ideally I would like a S-video out feature and digital optical or coax output on the box if any such exist.

Anyone any recommendations on what box, where I can buy, and what I should expect to pay?


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The only standard digibox with a s-video socket were from the Grundig stable and they are no longer manufactured so you would have to buy a used one, look for the "/2" designation.
The SONY digibox has an optical out but that hasn't been made for a couple of years either so used is again the only option.

You could pick up a used SKY+ which has both of your requirments and doesn't need a second LNB input if you are goign to use it as a standard digibox although it lacks the autoview function.

The local rag or online auctions should be a good place to look for used digiboxes but prices are anyones guess. On a good day around £50 for a decent digibox and on a bad day people can pay silly money especially if it has a FTV card.

steve 111

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Just read on another thread that eventhough there was a Sony box that had optical out the only way you can get 5.1 from Sky is via Sky +. Therefore looks like i'll need to get a second Sky+ box.
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