Best deals on gamecube ?


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Further to a similar post earller today. What and where is the best deal for a Gamecube ?

Again looking for retail store with bundled games / hardware. Anybody got any bargains - best deals on the run up to Christmas.

Are there any members of this forum in the know (nudge nudge) of forthcoming pre Christmas deals, or any ideas of post Christmas sales ?

The missus is bugging me for 'cute' games i.e. Super Mario Sunshine and Monkey Ball - and the cube looks like it fits the bill.

And no, I don't want this to descend into a mines better than yours debate - just a bit of advice to the questions posed.



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can I suggest that you look out for Starfox Adventures, just as good as Mario but with an easier learning curve than Mario ie it's not virtually impossible after you played 30 per cent.
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