BEST DEAL EVER huge list of sim free phones for £20



Matrox phones looks like a scam to me, along the lines of the old pyramid selling scams. The offer states you wait til you get to the top of a waiting list (no details of how long!) and then they can substitute the phone for a different one at their discretion.

Old adage of "If something appears to be too good to be true, it usually is!" will probably apply here. Notice they don't accept credit cards - so no consumer protection.

Buyer beware!


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Yep. Scam for sure.

Poor Tim. He's only the 3rd person to sign up since it all started. Yet he has to wait for 12 more people to sign up before he gets anything (except a worthless CD) for his twenty quid.


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lol i just boughta CD :( just kidding but i cant believe people will really go out and buy these obvious rip off merchants stuff lol more fool them if you ask me.


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Long running scam and the people who set these scams up are laughing all the way to the bank.


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I did the math for one of these "schemes" for someone who was attempting to promote a similar idea on another forum I frequent. The figures involved by the time the company has to despatch as little as the third phone were/are astronomical.

Lauging all the way to the bank is the understatement of the year IMO - especially when you consider the fact that the schemes will rapidly run out of steam leaving the organisers with a pocketful of cash and next to no outlay :(

There should be laws against this sort of thing :mad:



this maybe me not reading the terms and conditions correctly but matrix phones will send me a 40gB iPod if i pay £20 and then get 5 more people to also pay £20. Therefore If i make up 5 aliases and pay for each subscription £120 (6x£20) in total i'll receive an Ipod?

this is right?

Cheap trick

Yes you may be one of the few people who get's a result, but hundreds more are being ripped off.

I reckon everyone should just boycott these kinda sites and put the shisters out of business.


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As above, you may get your "prize" at some point, but there will be hundreds of people along the way who get screwed out of £20... I wouldn't sign up to one on principle.


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