Best DAC for PS5?


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Hi folks, I've been running an Astro mixamp with my PS4 Pro for years and get on with it great, but wondered if there was now a better option? (Also, Astro can't confirm that it'll work with the 3D audio, though I don't see why not if the newer ones do - I suspect they were trying to encourage me to buy a newer mixamp.)

I see there is a new mixamp (Pro TR), but I'm not sure if it's actually any better than the old model I already have. I think mine has 5.1 and the newer models have 7.1 surround, but what difference that actually makes on headphones, I'm not sure. A more powerful DAC with an EQ might be good. I have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro's hooked up to my current DAC.

Anybody got any suggestions?



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That said, my Astro is a surround sound amp with Dolby 5.1 (the latest Astro amp has 7.1), whereas the Schiit amp seems to just be an amplifier/DAC. Will I still get surround sound, or is a surround sound amp required? Like does the PS5 put out surround sound if you set the output to "headphones" or are you better off with an actual surround sound amp/DAC?


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The surround stuff always seems like a waste of time for me. Stereo on good headphones sounds better imho. Not sure how ps5 works.

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