best current xbox deal?



Ok, re my earlier thread, I've decided on an Xbox, not because it is better than ps2 but ive played with both now and just prefer the xbox. Both have great games and id love them both to be honest!
Anyway, best deal I have seen is an old £150 xmas deal for xbox, halo, mm3 and rainbow 6.
I live in milton keynes, dont have a gamestation here and cant find a 2nd xbox either!


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You can get an xbox, project gotham racing 2 and an xbox live starter pack which includes 12 months subscription for £150.

Trust me on this one, once you play pgr2 on live! you won't be playing anything else for a while! :smashin:


When i got mine two weeks ago from game station i got halo, mm3, conflict desert storm and hitman 2 for £139. They also had the same bundle plus rainbow six 3 for £159


found this at comet for £170, then i'll see if game will price match, get pgr2 , links and live-sorted for a long time i hope!

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Sorry mate, it isn't a bundle.

They do the xbox for £120 and they give you a copy of pgr2 with it for free. Their price for xbox live is £30.

Just buy them separatly! :D


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ubik, I ;live in Milton Keynes also, I'm likely to sell my 2nd X-box if you're interested.

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