Best current 3d playback offering?

Discussion in 'Home Entertainment Computers' started by rwttm001, Mar 6, 2013.

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    Afternoon all :thumbsup:,

    I finally have my Win8 HTPC behaving, currently setup with MyMovies inside 8MC (I know this would be considered old school and limited but I like it and it works!). Thanks to the sticky guide I have it running with Media Center in mediamode as a shell replacement, with an 'extra' to fire up explorer.exe when necessary. RDP using a non-shell replaced local user working great.. All good so far.

    I have a number of ISOs from my very limited 3D bluray collection, and I'd like to integrate 3d playback with the setup. I have a TMT5 license so ideally would like to use the integrated Media Center version for my 3D ISOs. I did try this very quickly last night but it took a long time (30s+) to alter refresh, spin up TMT5 and finally load up the movie.

    I'll revisit tonight, if I need to go with a seperate manual solution then that's no issue really given the number of ISOs I have. What do you guys use, and do you also have the long delay in mounting and starting playback?
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