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NOT ps2/xbx/ngc

but a small joystick thingy from atari and namco with built in retro games.

P155e5 all ovre these new fangled 128bit thingymebobs........

(...i dunno, when I were a lad......)


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lol, now I've heard it all :rotfl: Good to see a new contender in the console rival wars
Actually, I have to admit I just ordered Midways Arcade Treasures, looking forward to playing Defender/Toobin/Gauntlet etc. again, even if mainly for a laugh.
Ah, defender, was the only arcade machine that always had my name at the top of the score board, I made damn sure of it :laugh: all those ten pence pieces, ah them were the days indeed!

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Where did you order it from? I'd love to play gauntlet again.

PS my fave from the other two is the namco one as it has Pac man (although the atari one has 10 games rather than 5)


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I have seen it in Asda for £15.

Has Toobin, 720, Spyhunter, Tapper etc etc on it....have been tempted to buy it, but sometimes i find the thought of playing these classics more satisfying then actually playing them!

If you know what I mean!


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My mate has one and TBH they are all a big let down. They are best left in your memory where the graphics will look forever fantastic, and the gameplay deep and long.


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Yeah I know what you mean, but I payed only £8.00 for the Xbox version on ebay, can't go wrong for that money ;)
Here's the full list of games on disk:
Spy Hunter
Defender II
Joust II
Robotron 2084
Smash TV
Super Sprint
Marble Madness
Satan's Hollow
Root Beer Tapper

Some good ol' games in there, gotta be the best console oldies compilation so far, especially as it's at a reasonable(ish) price for a change. I think it's £15 most places Game etc. I think even in Woolies!
BTW you can get it for a tenner here for the PS2 http://www.powerplaydirect.com/asp/itemdetails.asp?prodID=1040129&currsec=ga&itemsec=ga


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I love retro games but I must admit a fair amount of them I simply like for the nostalgia and the games have not really stood the test of time. Some of the old games though have yet to be bettered - Ghouls & Ghosts, Afterburner, Outrun, Street Fighter 2 CE, Pacman, galaga, R-Type, Daytona USA to name but a few! Infact if you offered a go or two on the full cabinet version of Afterburner or any console game out to play for an hour, i'd be climbing into that cockpit. Infact the Sega Ages 2500 version of Afterburner has hardly left my PS2 for the last few weeks - awesome game!

I must say my Jamma/Mame arcade machine still gets a fair bit of play too!


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is there a 'classics' game collection out there that has Spaceharrier on it? Any console will do.


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Sega Ages on the Saturn contains the original Space Harrier. Shenmue 2 on the Dreamcast also has the original game in it, this is also available on X-Box. A great new true 3D graphics (Polygons not just scrolling sprites) version of SH is available on the PS2 under the Sega Ages 2500 series as well (currently this is only available in Japan on import, although Sega have announced a US & Europe release). A great version of Space Harrier 2 is also available on the Sega Megadrive console. Failing that, it is also available for the MAME and Final Burn emulators and you can run these on a PC or an X-Box.


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If you get Shenmue on dreamcast , 'Space Harrier' is an unlockable game on there, along with many others. Also 'Afterburner' and a fair few more on 'Shenmue 2' to unlock as well! :smashin:

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Can you get midways arcade treasures for the cube?

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thanx sinzer - will get freeloader first but it definitely looks like a great compilation

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