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Discussion in 'Nintendo Forums' started by Mike Bell, May 13, 2002.

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    Mike Bell

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    Hi everyone

    I was just wondering which websites offer the cheapest deals on console games, which ones are the most reliable in getting the games mailed out on time etcetc.....

    I've got a Ps2 and the only site I've ever used to buy games off (so far anyway) is (formally

    I also use them occasionally for buying DVD's cos they've always got the game or dvd to me promptly, and their prices are nearly always cheaper than any high street shop.

    I have been to various other sites which have been more expensive, but I'm fairly certain that there are other sites around that could better

    If anyone knows of any I'd be grateful if u could post any URL's back as part of this thread.



    PS Is Medal of Honour - Frontline worth a look on Ps2 btw???

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