Best Conroller config on Fight night 3


I recieved the game on Thursday, been using the default control, i found it a bit hairy at the start but used to it now.

Are you new to the game too?

ush flynn

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i use config 3 where possible, i just find tapping the jabs easier and doesnt screw up as many times as the stick. for everything else i use the stick (hooks uppercuts and haymakers)


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config 3 every time


just tried with config 3. much easier to do the training with the buttons than the stick. Still using the stick in fights though.


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I've always used config 3.


I just started playing this game using config 3 but how the hell do you block?
It says it's one of the right trigger buttons but nothing happens when i press it.
Also is a Haymaker the same as your signature punch? reason i ask is that I have a lot of sucess with it but at the end of the fight when i look at my stats it says Haymakers 0.
My last gripe is how do you throw uppercuts?
I know you can use the direction pad but that is awkward.It would be nice if you could just press a button like you can for hooks, crosses and jabs.


Maybe theres another config with buttons for uppercuts?

Have the same thing where sometimes it says 0 haymakers even though I used them.

You block by holding down the Right Trigger and moving the Right Stick to the area of your body you want to block. It really is worth your time learning to block and parry punches.


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Maybe theres another config with buttons for uppercuts?

Prees X and A together for left uppercut, Y and B for right uppercut when using config 3.

Use both triggers and both sticks to dodge and block (left stick and trigger to dodge, right stick and trigger to block).

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