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I'm looking to get a Panasonic TH-42PWD8 in the very near future, to use with my region free Pioneer DV-737 DVD player and Denon/Mission 5.1 set-up. I believe the best signal output from the DV-737 is the 3 RCA component video outputs (which will also output progressive scan on NTSC signals).

I'm going to be buying the PWD8 from AV-Sales and the screen is supplied with the S-video/Composite video board already installed. I have been advised there are three ways to connect the DV-737 to the screen:

1. Use the integral D Sub (VGA) connector on the set, via a 3 RCA to VGA cable.

2. Have the BNC Component Video Board fitted to the screen and connect to it using either a 3 RCA to 3 BNC cable, or a 3 RCA to 3 RCA cable with RCA to BNC adaptors.

3. Have the RCA Component Video Board fitted to the screen and connect to it using a 3 RCA to 3 RCA cable.

I'm interested to know which of these three options users would recommend, and whether there will be any difference in picture quality between them? Will the NTSC Progressive scane picture work with any of the three suggested method of connection?

assuming you'll be using the vga for sky or whatever I would recommend B with an rca to bnc lead that Av Sales will also supply. It's better than using the adpaters and cheaper than the RCA board which is the same in every way apart from the actual connection. The screen is prog scan any way and also will display NTSC via any option.
I think option 1 represents the cheapest route. I went that route. I can't however tell you from experience that it is better or worse than the other options. I've read from others who have answered similar questions that this is almost the "preferred route" if you aren't going to use the VGA for connection to a PC due to the cost/performance benefit.

What else will you be connecting to the screen?

Ha - MEP is better qualified to answer this anyway :D
actually if you are only using the dvd and no sky, UKseless1 is right in so far as I believe the compent to vga is very good on the 8 series (they disabled it on the 7)
Current plans are to connect only the DVD player to the screen. It won't be used for TV, game or PC, just playback of DVD films. If there is no difference in quality then I guess that would make option 1 (integral VGA connection) the cheapest way to go about it. And I guess I could always add on further video boards in the future if I find I do need additional connections?

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