best connections for ae500?



Hi... I've just bought an ae-500 and now need some help in hooking it all up (arrives Monday). I would like the best possible connections from my sources which are a Toshiba sd-900 (component output is presumably best option here?) and a grunding sky digital box (presume RGB scart is best option here?).

I also have an Onkyo TX-DS595 receiver. I have never used this for video switching before, but I think it has 4 s-video inputs and two outputs (whatever that means). I am right in assuming that receiver switching is not the way to go here as s-video pictures are not as good?

Assuming I'm right, this means that I will have two cables comming from the dvd and digibox into the ae-500. I think this is OK because the ae-500 has both component and rgb inputs. However, my question is, is the ae-500 able to switch automatically between sky and dvd? Or is there a better way of doing this?

I'm pretty good at building PC's (well I used to do it for a living actually), and like the idea of HCPC's, but I don't really know much about what I need and what the advantages/disadvantages are. Can anyone advise or point me in the direction of a good website that goes from the basics?

Cheers.... Gary


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Hi mate - I wish I could answer your query, but i'm pretty new myself. However i'd recommend going into the HCPC section on this site, concering your query about building a PC from scratch they maybe able to help you more?

The other questions, can't help you unfortunately - so take this as another bump :) maybe someone else will take a look and be able to help.

Markie Boy

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I use a AE100 but feed a combination of component, VGA and S-Video (my unit is Australian, so no SCART). AFAIK the PJ doesnt do auto switching for a particular input, however I can't say that is true of the AE500.
However if these are the two main components you are going to connect to the PJ my advice would be to go direct and not to use the amp for video switching duties, although there may not appear to be a drop in quality, its there, and at least going the direct route you can run SCART from the Sky box without having to opt for S-Video.
Hope this helps,
Markie Boy

David PluggedIn

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Hi Gary
You are correct, if you want the best picture quality and are comfortable with PCs then HTPC is the route to take.

The best way to get Sky in to that setup is as you stated via RGB, have a look at which gives an overview of how this can be done (using our product) but also has some general advice.

Again you are correct that you really want to avoid using the SVideo source switching in you amp for the picture, as your projector has a decent 1280x720 resolution you would be better to drive it completely via your PC and do the source selection from your PC itself.

Hope that make sense.

anything else you need feel free to drop us a line.

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