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What is the best way of connecting components for optimum audio and video? I have a Sony Bravia KD49XH9505 with Virgin V6 box connected via HDMI. The TV also connects via wifi to Apple TV, Amazon Netflix etc. For 5.1 sound, I have an optical cable from TV to the Denon AV 2310. I cannot use my HD projector as there is no video feed into the AV amp for it to out put to the projector. My plan is to upgrade the Av amp to a Denon AVC - X3700H for the 4K and upgrade the projector to 4K.
So, my question: if I upgrade the AV amp and then connect my Apple TV box, Amazon Firestick into it via hdmi will the quality remain the same, be better or not as good as my current (wifi) connections for those?


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Most setups that have a PJ would connect all HDMI sources to the AVR and pass the video signal through to the PJ.

There shouldn't realistacally be any degradation of the video unless you'd engaged the AV receiver's video processing. It is ordinarilly suggested not to use any video processing or upscaling onboard the AVR.

Note that you may need to look into using HDMI over hybrid fibre as opposed to conventional copper cabling if wanting to hook the AVR up to a PJ? The cable runs required are ordinarilly longer than you'd want to use if running cables from an AVR to a PJ and you may experience signal dropouts and or an inability to convey the signal over such distances if using conventional cabling. This is more so the case in association with higher bandwidth 4K video.

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