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Am about to purchase either a Sony STRDH820 or an Onkyo TXSR 608.

I've got an old VCR and quite a few old tapes that I'd like to hold onto for now and make use of the video upscaling to get some more enjoyment out of my old tapes until I finally get round to replacing them on Bluray and chucking them out.

Both receivers have component video in and composite video in.

My VCR has Scart out, composite out and S-video out.

I am guessing that the best video connection option would be S-video to component?

What about Scart to component if I can get hold of a suitable cable or adapter.

I'm guessing composite would be behind the above two options picture quality wise.

Also, any point in connecting S video or Scart and possibly the audio too to HDMI, if such a cable/adaptor even exists?




A VHS VCR will only output Composite video
An S-VHS VCR will output Composite or S-Video
No VCR outputs component

So as your receiver only has Composite or Component inputs you will need to use the Composite Video connections. This can be via the scart or dedicated composite (yellow RCA/phono) connections, although if on the front of the VCR these are inputs only.
The best likely connection would be S-Video to Component, but this requires hardware conversion and the improvement over composite is likely to be only slight so probably not worth the cost -
Or better still just connect the VCR via S-Video directly to the TV (assuming it has na S-Video input). The TV will do the upscaling anyway, and has a good chance of doing a better job then a receiver anyway as its scaling is dedicated to the display.


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