Best connection for freeview box Philips DTR210/05 to HD LG M208WA TV


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the connection options available for this are;

SCART to SCART (gold heads full number of pins)
SCART to Composite (using gold head scart adapter with LeftRight & video(composite/s-video) with full number of pins) or
SCART to S-Video (using the same above adapter)



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You won't get any better than scart to scart with the Freeview box set to output RGB and connected to an RGB input on the or not.


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so is it better to use the scart or s-video, cos not all freeview boxes allow you to select output as s-video and yet this one does and it doesn't even have an s-video output it's only cos i'm using an adapter through the scart and yet the option is there for s-video/rgb in the config menu of the freeview box


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From what I've seen, S-vid to S-vid does give a better pic that RGB-SCART to RGB-SCART.

BUT if the source is RGB scart, you're not going to miraculously make the picture a little bit better by converting the picture to S-video... more likely the opposite.

Save the s-vid input for something else (X-box, DVD, etc) and go with RGB SCART to RGB SCART.

Only use composite* if you're configuring the box* or if you're REALLY, REALLY desperate.

* (it's easy to plug in and out, 'cos there's no orientation and it's difficult to break - its the only nice things that you can say about composite)

NB - if you've not got the SCART setup properly to do RGB output from teh freeview and RGB input on the TV, then it will default to *deep voice* the dreaded composite :eek:

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