Best Connection for DVD to Amp ?


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Dear all,

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, I searched but as you will appreciate, too many results came up !

My Amp and DVD have both types of digital connection for connecting the two.

Which one would offer the best sound quality - coaxial or digital ?

Can you also recommend a good cable for the better connection.



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With high-quality cable coax is better for short/medium lengths .. you can get some exceptionally good cable using Mark Grant's cables available in the 'powerbuy forum'.


so ive been led to believe.. coax digital for movie sound, stereo phono's for cd playback

Ian J

Originally posted by Zoidy
so ive been led to believe.. coax digital for movie sound, stereo phono's for cd playback
Not necessarily so as the sound from CD's via the digital connection on my setup is far superior to the analogue outputs


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Thanks Guys.

Any make/model of digital coax you recommend based on experience ?

Not too pricey mind you, say up to £40ish


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Thanks Ian.

I read the thread in the Power Buy after posting - I'm convinced on just the value for money basis.

Will have change left for the Sub cable

I am thinking of getting the KEF eggs and sub.

What type of connections would I need on the sub cable to connect a Denon 3803 to the KEF Sub - if I need one anyway.

Obviously unsure as I haven't bought them yet, but would like to get all the accessories in advance so I can set it all up straight away once the speakers come :D


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Thanks Ian - I assume it is RCA connections on both ends ?

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