Best connection for 36ZP48, SKY, DVD? advice please

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by smashed, Feb 13, 2005.

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    Please bear with me, its not short, but Im confused :confused:
    I am asking a couple of questions, that all relate, but all belong in different sections, but am hopeful someone can give me definitive advice :lease:

    I have treated myself to a 36ZP48, and have also persuaded my parents to get 1 for downstairs. Therefore, after upgrading from a Goodmans 28 downstairs, and an old but massive ferguson upstairs, Im aware I need to make the most of the quality of the Tosh.

    In my room I have,
    Pioneer DCS313 DVD system
    Sony SLV-E720 VCR.

    But after checking it out, I have found the best option for the DCS is S-Video.

    However, downstairs I bought my parents a Pioneer DV-2750-S, and this does have progressive scan.

    They therefore have
    Pioneer DV-2750-S
    Sony SLV-E730 VCR
    Panasonic Sky box (not Sky+, but looking to upgrade)


    My parents hardly use their DVD player, so would you recommend that I swap them so that I get progressive scan? The downside is that I would lose the 5.1 that came with the DCS313. But the 36ZP48 has 5.1, so I am unsure whether this sound will be as good as the DCS. Does anybody know?
    If it isnt, should I sacrifice sound or vision?


    Can someone please explain how to hook all this up?
    Im guessing component video for the prog scan DVD (Whichever room it goes to) but dont know what would be a good quality, but fairly cheap one to purchase.
    I have read that I can get a connection pack for the Xbox, but have seen a few different versions, and dont know which to get. Again, I wouldnt know if the sound should be directed to the DCS313, or the 36zp48 :rolleyes:
    Finally, does Sky lack quality over Sky+ ??
    What sort of connections should I be putting between Sky and the 36ZP48? And again, where can I get good, but affordable cables to do this?

    Any help would really be appreciated by both myself and my parents. :)


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