Best Conditions for Viewing Image Retention/Burn


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Hi guys/gals. Did a search but couldn't find anything.
As the title says I'm looking for the best settings, colour, image etc. to view any possible image retention or burn on my 42px60. Purely from an investigative perspective. Not looking to find faults, just curious as to how well my plasma deals with it.
Today I left the plasma on an AV channel for 6 hours and the screen saver:)rolleyes: ) viera logo was stuck in 4 seperate positions. Subsequently shat my pants and left it on white noise for about 30 minutes. Was quite surprised to find it had pretty much all dissapeared. Usually my image retention takes longer to go, so what is the best way in spotting any people?


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Wait until the evening - select an unused AV input - switch the lights off and sit in front of the screen.

With brightness and contrast set to around 30% - examine the screen carefully.

You should see a uniform black or dark grey all over the screen - that proves you have no hidden retention or screenburn.

I still have a faint outline from the BBC News 24 white ticker that runs along the bottom of the screen from the days I used to watch BBC news a lot. The thing is I cannot see this under normal viewing conditions.

See my post ...

As a final check - try and put a pure white image on the screen from a PC say - and check this for any unusual signs.

Gussie :)


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Hi Massimo....I realise that it's just to satisfy your curiousity but why bother looking for something you're not aware of now only to dissappoint yourself if you should find something you don't see in normal viewing conditions.

If you can't see it while watching normally then one has to ask if it's really retention at all and not just the normal workings of the panel. Last thing we want to do is raise the profile of something that just isn't a problem.

On the other hand if you find nothing then your likely to feel more at ease about the whole issue of retention and not become unduly concerned with static images.

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