Best compact camera which can photograph while charging?

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Hi folks,
I have a Panasonic Lumix TZ100 which I have been using to make time lapse videos, but it keeps running out of juice too soon and won't work with the USB cable plugged in to charge (unlike the Sony RX-3000 which unfortunately doesn't produce anywhere near as good an image).
Is there a similar camera I can maybe look at getting to replace the TZ100?
Compact with a zoom which is at least as good. And will function fully while charging via USB?


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This is a tricky question as there's very few cameras that have a similar spec with a compact body, larger 1in sensor and large zoom with most of the cameras in this class have relatively short zoom ranges.

The Panasonic TZ200 is one of the few others that offers these specs but from what I can tell it can't take photos while charging looking at page 19 of the manual which states if the camera is on then it doesn't charge. I can't seem to find any good discussions which confirm or deny this.

The only other cameras I can find are the Sony RX100 mk6 and mk7 which have a slightly shorter 24-200mm zoom range compared to the 25-250mm on the TZ100 and they're pricey. I've not used the mk 6 or mk 7 but the mk 4 does allow the camera to charge and take photos at the same time, the inbuilt app on the mk3 had a 990 photo limit but there may be an external timer remote to get around this.

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