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Hi all,

I'm soon off to Nepal and Everest Base Camp. I'm looking for a compact camera that will give me the 'best image' (yes i know!) for still photographs for around the £400 mark.

I am no photographer I'm afraid, and so it will be left in auto mode most of the time, and shooting jpegs only. Good video will be nice, although 4k is at best a nice to have.

Do I need a 1" sensor or shouldn't I worry too much? I see lots of posts about the RX-100, the Canon GX7 mark ii and the Lumix TZ100 but don't know if I need to go the extra mile nearer to £500? I don't need an EVF, or a flippy screen, or much else really. I certainly don't want to have to change lenses around or have to choose shutter speeds as it will be wasted on me! Good point and shoot capabilities and autofocus, and lightweight, and something that doesn't eat batteries for breakfast in minus temperatures.

Thoughts please?

Many thanks :)
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Sounds like you are already on the right lines. Batteries need to be kept warm to last so in a bag in an inner pocket works well in extreme cold.


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RX100 gets my vote but as noted keep the spare batteries well insulated - looking forward to seeing your shots :cool:


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GX7 gets my vote, I prefer the handling and extra reach over the Sony RX100.


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How extreme are you likely to get with activity, temperature and weather?
I'd be looking at Olympus Tough, Panasonic rugged or Fuji XP lines if you're going to be outside in cold and wet scambling around. My own experience of collapsing zoom lenses on compacts is they can be very fragile if you aren't careful and a broken camera in Nepal is going to be a big disappointment.

It sounds like a big trip so if you can I would shoot JPG+RAW and take a few extra SD cards - they're cheap, light and durable. You can do so much with a RAW file after the fact to bring up detail in the shadows. Blowing my own trumpet but you can see the difference between a processed RAW and the out of camera JPG here in a landscape that is almost the polar opposite of the ones you'll see ;)
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