Best Classsical Album – DVD-A and SACD


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hi all,

i'm wondering if there is a 'Best of Classical' album i can get for either DVD-A or SACD? I'm not a huge fan of classical, but like listening to some of the popular classical tunes now and again, that's why a 'best of' would be better.

Any recommendations?




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I'm not too sure about the DVD-A or SACD format, but the 'Classic Experience' set (4 volumes of 2 cd's) is a fairly comprehensive 'best of'. I managed to pick up the boxed set of all 4 vols for around £12 from HMV a while back.
Some of the pieces are edited, but should provide the foundation for further purchases if there's anything you like.

Each volume is also probably still available on its own.
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