Best choice with HD200x?


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Hi I will be purchasing a projector screen to go with my new Optoma HD200x, and would appreciate some advice.

The throw distance is 11'6", which according to projector central's calculator, should allow a 16:9 screen of between 98" to 106".

I would prefer to get the largest screen possible.

I think I can achieve the maximum - 106" by using the full zoom on the projector, but is this advisable?

I have been offered a good deal on a 106" screen as well, which further adds to my preferring to get that size, but if you guys advise otherwise...

Also will a matte white screen be ok, my room has very dark curtains, but cream walls and ceiling, so I will consider a grey screen if it will look better?

Thanks in advance


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I use the max zoom myself to get the largest image possible (just over 100" 2.35:1) and see no detrimental effect so I would not worry.I would recommend a grey screen with your room conditions.

The problem is grey screens are not as readily available as white so depending on the price & quality of the screen you have been offered it may be worth going for that one.

There is a guy on e-bay that sells a 100" grey electric for around £100 and a few off the forum have bought them but don't expect a high quality screen at that price.


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Hi Thanks for your advice, I will look into purchasing a grey screen if possible, though if I can't find a suitable one, I will get the matte white screen on offer, and look into making the room more suitable.

I have been saying for ages I need to re-decorate, so this may be the incentive I need!

Thanks again

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