Best (cheap) screen option for Epson TW9000


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Hi Everyone,

After getting my projector to work (finally) I can now focus on getting a screen for it.
Originally I wanted to spend around £350 on the projector but ended up buying TW9000 so as you can imagine, proper quality screen will have to wait a bit.

I went through many threads here and I think my options are:

- paint the wall grey or white
- get a white matt or grey matt screen like this one:
120" Full HD TV DVD 16:9 Home Cinema Electric Projector Screen Matt White #13 | eBay

The lamp in this projector is 2000 lumens and the advertised contrast ratio is 200,000:1
The ceiling is white, the walls: magnolia, movies mostly watched when it's dark outside with no other lights switched on (see photos), Distance from the sofa to screen : about 4m and the image size is 120in diagonal.

What would you recommend ?


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ok, after doing a bit more research it seems like for best results I should get a grey screen or paint the wall gray due to my pj's brightness and wall colour. I am planning on watching some 3D movies too so not sure how the grey screen/wall would affect the experience and also whites/blacks.

Anybody has any experience with this or similar projector?

Ryk Mchoraji

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Hey, I used the wall for a year, was cream. Was saving up to make my own screen. Cost me less than $200. Used polyester super white sheets, white foam and a wooden frame. 91". I works great as my LED LG PA 75U is just 700 lumens, yours is much brighter, thus u also need a less reflective surface so u don't have glare.

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