best cheap 1000w PSU

okay so i just ran through extreme power supply calculator with my intended specs for my current system when its fully upgraded and it recons i need a 982w psu (with capacitor ageing set to 50% for saftey sake) so im wondering what the best of the best of the cream of the crop 1000w PSU is.

considering how.....devistating a psu blow up can be to the rest of the components i wont really want to skimp but i dont have 1000's to spend on a single psu
Corsair? And for 1KW you're going for something like 580GTX SLI?

GTX 460 sli eventually.

but also that higher psu because of a hdd, ssd, water cooling, 6 ram dimms, 10+ usb devices, i7 cpu, bluray bd, additional fans pci satellite tv card, usb card with more usb devices, front bay media panel, front bay fan controller, front bay lcd display.

it all adds up lol.

namuk thanks for the link reaing over them now


Not to 1KW it doesn't lol. Why bother with 460 SLI you may as well just get a faster single card.

What are you running off USB bus, a few dozen USB mug warmers?
for a start

a belkin n52te
usb numpad
usb keyboard x2
usb mouse
usb wireless keyboard and mouse receiver
usb headset
mobile phone usb cable, used for data and charging
usb voip/housephone dingle thingy
bluetooth dongle

and thats just the start of it all lol.

and i like the 460 card. im paying 125 for one and would rather eventually get another one of these then sli them
theres also another GPU inside to power my outlook monitor so 3 cards in total.


Those are all low current devices, even if you factor in USB maximum voltage per device. Things like mice use what 100mA?
Although I guess with triple SLI that'll bump up the required power needed.
wont be triple sli. just dual sli with a third card powering a 3rd monitor on its own.

anyway its not the amount devices use its the quantity. its what extreme power supply calculator recomended so thats what im working on


They're off, they went ott for my build too. Like I said typical USB devices use virtually no power. A mouse does not load out a single USB port. My laser mouse is 5v 100ma. Nothing at all. And anyway if you have so many devices why not use a powered USB hub? Problem solved.
this is getting off topic. any recomendations for a good 1000w psu will be appreciated
thanks berties

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