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Hi im looking to upgrade my conventional stereo setup to a 5.1 system. Ive just purchased a 2nd hand dsp e800 to partner my Marantz Pm66 KI sig. amp(too fond to part with)amp and Heybrook Heylo floorstanders and Im now looking for a decent centre and rear combo.
Im considering maybe a Wharfedale diam. 8 centre but I dont know whether to partner it with the 8.2 rears or a speaker from a rival manafacturer.
I will be getting a sub at a later date, hopefully a 2nd hand REL:D
The room is roughly 6m square. Also im looking for cable to partner it and im willing to spend 2.50m.
Has anyone any suggestions there seem to be so many speakers to choose from. Are there any discont. models that are worth looking at or shall I go for the latest thing. Help!!

Btw i live on the lowly Isle of wight so auditioning is limited to what currys stock :( so im going to go on reccomendations.


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Conventional wisdom says use matching front and centre speakers, so a centre from Heybrook which matches your Heylos would be ideal. Whether Heybrook make such an animal is another thing...:rolleyes:. Alternatively see if you can demo (I know Curry's is awkward) another set of speakers (such as Wharfedale Diamond 8.2's) to see if they sound similar to your own speakers (not very scientiofic, I know). If you find a set, try the matching centre from that set with yours. Then use the 8.2's (or whatever you heard) as rears. Heybrook's sound is usually "warm" so avoid speakers which have a brighter sound like Sony or Mission's newest ones. Perhaps Kef's Cresta range will suit? The Kef centre speakers are almost all good.

Frankly demoing is best and perhaps you need to take a short ferry ride to the mainland and try a few other stores? I reckon Bournemouth has several good outlets. Good luck.

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