Best card for internal dvd rom drive.


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Jan 14, 2004
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Im confused: Which card would YOU go for:

Sweetspot card deluxe with x card +cable €492
Holo3dgraph sdi input free cable €499

Is the sweetspot better if your using the internal dvd drive via the xcard?
Um .. neither :) .. you don't need a card for an internal drive, my experience and that of others is that certainly X-Card+Sweetspot+D-Scaler doesn't improve upon TheaterTek+Radeon.

What makes you think such a combination would be beneficial? I admit to knowing nothing about the other card you mention.
The xcard/dscaler setup is better with video based sources i.e TV programs, extras etc...
To tell the truth I have bought but not recived the sweetspot/xcard yet. I bought it for my sky digital as sdi isnt an option with my sky box. I thought the holo3d card was much more expensive but found it at €499 on a website and was a bit disapointed and wondering if i made the right decision.

Theroetically Theatertek via radeon and xplayer via xcard should be similar in quality?
Originally posted by greenmachine
Theroetically Theatertek via radeon and xplayer via xcard should be similar in quality?
IMX the quality is similar but TT marginally better although I didn't do a great deal of A/B testing, in fact I was wanted to go the X-Card route for convenience among other things .. sadly it didn't work with my system and I had to return it.

Sweetspot with my NTL STB produced very nice results.
Jeff's right, the Xcard/SweetSpot/DScaler solution is much better than softare for video-sourced material. They're also much better with badly flagged/badly encoded dvds such as those from Hong Kong. This is down to the auto-detection power of DScaler.
I also use it for long extras like LOTR/etc and TV series like Six Feet Under.

As for which is better between SweetSpot and Holo in this use, then that's for others to answer - we've sold a few to holo users. Maybe they'll post comparisons.

Hope that helps

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