Best car chase?

Peter Baker

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Any recommendations. I have a group of petrolhead friends who want to come over for a demo.
Last time they came I showed Ronin, which was pretty impressive.
In a dem room some time ago I saw a clip from a Vin Diesel film where a number of cars were chasing a truck across a country road. Sounded awesome, but I never found out which film it was. Not XXX though.

Thanks for any input




best car chase for me is BULLITT but I think its more up to date your after. Have you seen Vanishing Point from 1970. GREAT FILM



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Peter - If you want to scare the bejesus out of them what about the crash scene from Final Destination 2 ?
or for impressive car & bike action there's always The Matrix Reloaded or if they're into Minis what about The Italian Job 2003 ?
HTH ... Paul ;)


Peter, the original Gone in 60 seconds not the s**t remake. The final car chase is 45minutes at least, yes it was filmed in the seventies and on a small budget but this is where most other movies got there ideas.


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The chase in Bad Boys 2 'FANTASTIC':clap: :clap:



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to live and die in la.

great chase the wrong way on a freeway


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I :censored: hate car chases


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Car chases - where to start (in no particular order)

* The Transporter has a pretty good chase at the start.
* Italian Job (the first one),
* Ronin
* French Connection - although that's more of a tram/train race - even better as it was filmed live
* Matrix 2
* The Rock - trashes a Ferrari
* Speed - trashes an XJS
* Bullit
* The Driver (not a chace as such but the garage scene is great)
* Smokey and the Bandit 1 & 2 (can't remember if there was a 3?)
* Cannonball Run
* Too fast too furious (and I guess the first one too)

All great but Ronin has to be the best

Now need to go and watch Ronin again ;)


Not one of you has mentioned "The Blues Brothers"


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Blues Brothers - beaten to it!!


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bah. take no notice of anyone else. Listen to me, the master.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day. The chase with the T1000 in the truck, and John Conner on the bike. Masterpiece in both film making and action.


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Try T3 the chase scene with the crane also another vote for Bad boys 2...



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Did I mention I :censored: hate car chases?


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Sorry guys this is off topic,
Did you ever get round to seeing Save the Green Planet?


Blues Brothers. . . what a film and what a chase! Now I'm going to have to watch it again :laugh:

While I'm thinking (ouch!) what about the Lethal Weapon, Beverly Hills cop, FX and FX 2 and Convoy! Rubber Duck:rotfl:


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French Connection is the BEST - because, as said before, much of it filmed live without clearing streets, AND much of the driving was done by Gene "Popeye" Hackman himself.

Bullit is great, but the constant reappearance of the circulating VW Beetle is highly amusing. I guess we were less critical in those days!

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