Best Cantilever for 55CX802.


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I need to hang the Panasonic 55CX802b on the wall but do so in such a way that I can swivel it out of the way when I use the projector.

The set will be mounted in a corner so in normal use I want it at 45 degrees across the corner and at an appropriate height (to be decided). When the projector is in use I want the TV to be moved back out of the way to avoid impeding the projector screen.

Having read a number of posts on here and done a bit of digging it is clear that some sort of cantilever is needed. What are the best cantilevers, and how best to secure them to the wall - just doesn't seem enough to use a few 8mm plastic plugs and 6mm screws - oh and I want to get it before the 24th ....

My viewing distance is 4.27 metres (I know borderline for a 55" but I really didn't want a bigger set), the mount wall is breeze block (or brick) and plaster, re decorating is not an option so exploration not possible, I have 92cm from the corner to a window. I don't care if the TV impinges on the window a little in normal use or totally when the projector is in use. The TV weight is 22kg, overall width is 124cm, height is 72cm, the bracket mounting holes are on 40cm centres.

By my reckoning the height from floor to the bottom of the TV should be 66cm, that would put the viewing line 1/3 of the way up the screen (with a 90cm viewing / eye height). I've looked at the Vogel's WALL 2345 and it looks as though it should work.

Any and all advice / abuse welcome


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Your putting a lot of strain on the fixing screws when you swing the cantilever, so forget about plasterboard fixings, their no way strong enough.

It depends on how the wall is constructed decides on how you fix the wall plate, if your lucky, then its a masonry wall with plaster on top, if its a stud wall then things are far harder and it comes down to how good you are at diy

Just noted you said your wall is masonry, next thing is that you need to find out if its breeze block or brick. Better is brick.

Time to get the drill out and drill a small hole into the wall. Look at the dust that comes out (grey breeze block, red brick), also how hard is it to drill the hole? harder the better

Also when was your house built? as this tells you what type of bricks were used. older is better in this case
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Yup it's that strain that concerns me, 22kg at half a meter out will apply a fair old leverage, been trying to work out the load but my physics is a tad rusty and I don't have a fulcrum - basically to work out how much force the wall bolts will need to resist to which a safety margin can be added - assuming the wall substrate can even handle it.

I'm pretty good on the whole with the DIY thing, the Vogels mount comes with some very beefy looking screws with a hex head. The wall definitely isn't plasterboard as it's an outside wall, I've a horrid feeling that the outside is brick but the inside is block - something I always struggle with because you end up punching through them. The mounting depth required for the Vogels is a 10mm hole 80mm deep so that's highly likely to punch through breeze block.


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If its a breeze block wall then you should be able to drill the hole without hammer action, so you shouldn't break the back of them.

10mm by 80mm is a big screw, but i would use 100mm (4 inch in english :D) to give the screws the max grip possible. Width of them isn't so important as your trying to pull the screws out rather than shear them off. I would prob use some 10 by 4" or at the most 12 by 4" screws, with them going through a metal washer to ensure a good grip on the wall plate.

breeze block isnt the strongest, so if it was me i would install the cantilever with lots of wall fixings and then push down on it when it is fully extended to test it. Not the most scientific method, but practical and effective


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How did you get on? I am about to install the same sort of thing this weekend into breeze block walls using Rigifix bolts from Mark Grant for the same Vogel cantilever arm. The 2345 comes with only three fixings which seems quite limited.

I am tempted to create two more fixing points in the mount so that there are five anchor points rather than three. I had to send back my first wall mount as it was scratched, so hoping to receive the replacement today or tomorrow to organise over the weekend. When I have it in situ, I will test to see if the extra fixings are required (good ole hang off it technique) before I start creating extra holes.

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