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Could someone suggest a good camcorder for filming tutorials for Youtube? My wife has a Youtube channel where she teaches art. She's been using a couple of Canon DSLR cameras. The problem is that they become very hot after an hour and I would like something specifically designed for filming over long periods of time. I know nothing at all about cameras so there maybe certain areas that I haven't considered.

Basically my wife needs the Camcorder to record close up videos as some of her work can be very detailed. The focus has to be consistent, not hunting. The image has to be sharp and detailed. It needs to have a cable port for a separate monitor, so as she is painting, she can check to make sure everything is being captured. She would also be using it to give interviews, so she would be filming at a distance of 5m, I don't know if that makes any difference. She has a number of good camera lenses for her Canon cameras, I'm not sure if the lenses on Camcorders can be changed to accept them. The audio isn't important because she has a separate system for that and aligns it in the editing. Our budget would be up to £2500. Is there a good Camcorder that someone could recommend?

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Good idea, - although a modest consumer camcorder should be plenty up to the job, since YT is more about "Content" rather than quality. Most folks are see clips on somewhat inferior platforms.
For close-up work a DSLR is particularly useful - and if it's switched off most of the time, heat won't be a problem.
However, I wonder why heat is a concern - or is the room-lighting creating heat? For good colour-matching, LEDs can be "tricky".

I note that Wex does hire the C100; so you can judge suitability without buying in the first instance.
Unlike Camcorders, C100 ( like DSLR ), do need some coaxing to achieve the result you expect... in that regard consumer camcorders are much easier [ IMHO ] to use.... but with DSL|R experience it should be plain sailing.

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I think Harry's right, a camcorder from the C100 range would be a luxury.
From my own experience, a Panasonic HC-V800 at around £450 would do everything you asked for.
Continuous running from a 5v USB source, mains or Power Bank will work.
A live HDMI output to connect a monitor while recording.
Good low light performance.
External mic input to give an audio sync track.

Incidentally I use a Tascam DR-60D MkII audio recorder to do the same job. It gives a quality recording on to SD cards and has a low level output to feed directly into the mic socket of my camcorder to give the same sync track for post production.

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